Principles Series 2018

Principles Over Preferences
The Principled Life
Principle #1: Unity
Principle #2: The Gospel
Principle #3: Truth
Principle #4: Faith
Principle #5: Hope
Principle #6: Love
Principle ##7: Righteousness
Principle #8: Honour
Principle #9: Excellence

What's in a name?

What's in a name?




What does law, grace, and umbreallas, have in common?  

Join Ps Phil as he unravels the link between law, and grace, in a profound way, with the usage of a simple umbrella.



Our Blessed Obligation To The Gospel

What is the Gospel, and why would I be obligated to it?  How am I obligated to it?  What does it mean to me?


if you are looking for answers to these questions, or others, join us as Ps John Lewis explains in detail what the Gospel is, as well as our blessed obligation to it.

Our Blessed Obligation

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