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With a clear call of Jesus to go and make disciples of nations; FREE2GO fulfils this commission by strategic focuses on local, national and international missions.


Extract from Operation World 7th Edition, J. Mandryk WEC International, 2010, pp. 682-688

•    Geography:  7,250 Islands but approx. 700 inhabited.  80 Provinces
•    Population: Approx 100 million - mainly on 11 islands.
•    Capital:  Manila – Metro Manila mega city of 11 million.  Greater Manila 20 million.
•    Languages:  181.  
•    Official Language:  Filipino (Tagalog) although Cebuano is spoken by 24% and Tagalog 16.6%.
•    Economy:  Public Debt in 2010 - 56.9% of GDP.  Massive gap between rich and poor.  Problems with ineffective governments, high crime levels and a lack of foreign investment.
•    Ministry challenges:  24% of children are unable to attend school.  75,000 street kids in Manila alone.  Up to 100,000 children and 400,000 women in sex trade industry.  Pray for YWAM, Jubilee Action and others involved in rescuing, rehabilitating and discipling these tragic victims of sin.  Pray for the unreached people groups and those who combine Catholicism with animism.

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